my tattoo


Mar 13, 2002
Your FKN' face!
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Found out today that my tat was put on the studios site.... front to side back side
tell me whatcha think... I plan to get my sons initials in "thug" letters inside on a scroll w/ another scroll saying "...and nuthin' else matters"
underneath. Incorporate a flaming skull and a heart with crossbones into the middle of the scrolls. Hopefully I can do this tomorrow being fathers day, and I won't be seeing him. I'll put up a pic o that one if I can too.
My fuckin' head hurts...
Night all

It encompasses my left leg from below the knee to my "ankle sock" line (as I so affectionatley call it). Anyone who says tats don't hurt shoulda got that bastard put on ' It was gonna be black and grey, but he cut me a deal on ink....
Well, due to certain problems ( $$$$), it took7 trips to the studio at about 2 hours a piece..... I looked wierd just having a hand out of the ground choking a torso for a But it payed off. I've had a few ppl complain that 14 hours all together was too long, but I wanted him to take his time and get the faces right on the characters. I got no complaints.