need help with a opeth wallpaper


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Jun 10, 2004
on the page:
there are a lots of beutiful wallpapers. I specially love the opeth blackwater park picture. So I downloaded it, but when i open it in win rar I got a message where it stands that the file is corrupt.

Anyone else have the same problem?

I want to use this as my wallpaper so please help. What can I do?
Am i the only one who isnt too fond of all these computer generated backgrounds, album covers and photos, etc?

I much prefer the old way of doing things....actually taking photos or painting pictures by hand. :erk:
For quite some time now I have been in search for a rather large Opeth logo...about 9 or 10 inches in size -- just the "O" itself.
If anyone can aid to me in this search. Please let me know.
I didnt want to make a new thread so I will just post it here. Yesterday I bought this Blackwater Park Ltd cd at

But it didnt say if it where a ltd but I saw the cover and knew that this was not the normal edition. Here is the link:

Can someone please tell me if its the normal or ltd edition? It has a different cover but the tracklist is the same as the normal one. Iam a little confused. Thank you.
Sorry Detric, but you've got the regular edition right there. The cover is different because that's the promotional cover they used before the CD was released.