NEED MIX CRITS (Djent thingy)


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Aug 8, 2013
Hey guys,
I'm not a Djent producer and not really too much of a fan of the genre. But I need crits on a mix I did from raws found on;

I'm about to be signed to Etienne Sin's label as a producer, so long as my production quality is good. So what do you guys think? Be harsh haha, I need to improve alot, I just need to know what.

Here are my signal chains;
Slate 3.5 (Standard Cymbals, Kick is Black blended with 10, Snare is 11a blended with 12a.. please dont hurt me) - Compressed, EQ'd and stuff accordingly, Clipper and SLIGHT reverb on snare, Rooms on all parts.

Noise Gate>Compression>TS808>Lecto>LeCab IR (guitarhack)>EQ Highs, Lows, and some mid cut, cut 4k for fuzz>Limiter

TS808>Guitar Rig Bass Pro>Compression>EQ>Limiter

Synth is Massive, Piano was provided with the raws. No lead because the one included in the pack wasnt DI and sounded funny. Thanks for your help guys!
not bad my friend!
in my opinion i would lower the bass volume and give more "headroom" to the kick, guitars sound are really good, maybe the best you can achieve with lecto stuff.
maybe, but it's just my personal taste, i will eqing more the piano, cutting mids and boosting the highs and give more stereo on cymbals...but it's just my taste.