Nevermore/Sanctuary influences...

Metal head87 said:
I actually didn't even know Nevermore had a forum here. I just saw it now actually.

If you think that interview was stupid, the Enslaved, Cannibal Corpse, Darkthrone and Hellhammer (the drummer, not the band obviously) ones make that seem philosophical. The Enslaved one is pretty much yo mama jokes being told back and forth. The Cannibal Corpse on has Bill trying to get George to sing Mary Had A Little Lamb. The Darkthrone one has Fenriz quoting George Castanza. And the Hellhammer one has Bill trying to get Hellhammer to admit that he's Jewish (I don't know what it is with that Bill Zebub guy and Jewish jokes. He goes a bit far sometimes) and that Euronymous was gay.

I remember he interviewed Aaron Stainthrope of My Dying Bride just before The Light At the End of the World came out. He was asking Aaron All the questions in olde english speak (thy, thine, art, thou, etc...). :lol:
Hahahahaha, yeah. I think like half the interviews are like that.
I was just reading the Enslaved one again. It is so funny how Ivar owned him on that one.