New album Foregone out February 2023

I'm not a drummer, so some of the more technical aspects were a little bit over my head, but I found this a pretty cool insight into how the band functions on tour and how it's been for someone coming into an act with such a beloved back catalogue. Apparently Anders chooses the setlist himself and the others prefer it that way, but I know if I was in his position, I'd definitely be like "Can we play this song?" "How about this one?" "Guys... Here's an idea, what about Biosphere?"

Interesting that he called The Mirror's Truth, Everything's Gone and Take This Life "their three hardest songs". I wonder if he still thinks that after having played December Flower and Coerced Coexistence.

Drumeo videos are always a treat, can’t wait to watch this.

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Pretty cool video and Tanner comes off as a likeable dude, I don't think I've ever watched anything like this that featured him until now. I thought the bit about him lying about being able to pull off the few faster songs for his audition was also really interesting.
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Crowds in the past have enjoyed Moonshield and Artifacts just fine - why they play Graveland nonstop instead of those is beyond me. Whilst Graveland is a fine song, in the context of TJR it's a pretty mid track. Almost any other song would be more interesting.

The 'crowds don't react' excuse has always been that, an excuse. In the end it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. The band ignored their older catalogue for literal decades, those older fans then drifted away, so of course crowd reactions will lessen over time on the rare occasion they throw in a really old track. The majority of the scene kids who got into IF through CC or ASOP aren't going to care about or like TJR, especially if those songs are never played live.

I guarantee if Moonshield, Artifacts, Episode 666, Jotun, etc had been regulars on the set over the years they would get great reactions now. If they started putting them in from now they would get solid reactions soon enough, because they are inherently fantastic tracks and sound awesome live.

It was sad seeing Stand Ablaze get barely any reaction at Borgholm Brinner, but that's just what the IF fanbase is nowadays. 95% of people who still care about the band won't ever have heard Lunar Strain or Subterranean, and would probably recoil in horror if they did listen to them.

The reason TJR songs haven't been played live historically is simply because the band kept releasing increasingly commercial albums that brought in increasingly commercial fans, and they catered to that audience in a live environment. Fans of their best music were left in the dust. Anders may well like TJR and maybe it is his favourite album, but the commercial success of the band has always come first. I'm not saying they were right or wrong to do that, but it is what it is.
In the end, people will listen to what the band wants them to listen at. If they were regularly playing songs from their old catalogue, people knowing that, would take a listen at it and know and understand what to expect.

Then, when they've been neglecting the most of it, fans going to a show cannot react to something that they don't know. It's like going to a show from a band that you've never heard of. You must pay attention and even appreciate the music but you cannot be excited simply because you don't know it
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They used to make the excuse that because of the amount of guitar tracks on TJR, they couldn't play those songs live. And then when that stopped holding water, they went with the "well, it's really the crowds..." It absolutely was a self-fulfilling prophecy though. I think even now, a song like Moonshield would get a decent reaction. Lord Hypnos or Dead Eternity would probably be nonexistent though.
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As I said, if they don't play them most of the people won't care about listening to those songs.
That will always be the ultimate lineup, at what was the band's peak with Come Clarity's success. I'm glad I got to see them quite a lot in the mid-to-late 2000s. Their sets were still a good mixture of the older stuff and the more modern stuff. But back then the modern stuff was still good - songs from Reroute, STYE (mainly TQP and MSS) and Come Clarity. No Siren Charms, no Battles, no Howard Benson, no conspiracy theory eejits on bass. Just some good ol' Swedish lads playing top tier melodic metal.
Saw this on reddit:
Does anyone here understand Swedish? Did Anders really say so or is it his regular silliness? That would be super dumb, if true. I mean, let's play fucking Everything's Gone every show, but retire Trigger lmao
Anders is the human embodiment of being non-committal, so he would never seriously say such a thing. When was the last time he made any statement at all? Everything is "this time", "we will see", "changes happen", "it depends", "be open". Ask him jokingly whether he puts cereal first in the bowl, like a sane person, or milk, like an absolute lunatic, and he will hit you with "whatever works for you, it doesn't matter either way".

Edit: also, they played it later that November, so...
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Yeah, Anders says shit like that and I'm pretty sure he's just messing around. In the early 00's, he said they were retiring Jotun too and that didn't happen. Granted, they haven't played it much, but it certainly didn't get retired. Been almost a decade since it was last played though.