New book: Mixing Heavy Music


Jan 16, 2009
Hey guys,
A bunch of you are on my mailing list from various free training videos I've put out over the past year for Hardcore Mixing.

I wrote a book, and it's launching today. I'll spare you the big pitch here, but if you're interested, check out this link:


As a launch bonus, I'm throwing in a free Mix FX Pack until Sunday at Midnight (bass drops, reverse cymbal and snare samples).

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Looks interesting man, but could we get a short preview of it ? At least a chapter list or something like that. It's hard to buy something when you have no idea what's inside. The link just contains very general stuff such as get faster mixes, increase the punch...
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Just finished reading through this and I must say I'm very impressed :D. A lot of good info/tips in here and for $7 it's an absolute steal!

Also congrats on the release Jordan, hope this does well for you.
Hey man! I'll definitely be checking this out, but for what it's worth you might want to put some of your credits in your post as well (like from here ). Otherwise it might be a tough sell for those who don't know you or your work :D

Congrats on the book btw!