New DT Album update

Seventh Son

Zero Salvation
Apr 16, 2001
Sydney, Australia
Taken from :
During a question and answer session at the Your Majesty Convention on Saturday, May 19th, in Paris, Mike Portnoy had the following news:

* 80% of the music for the new Dream Theater album is done.
* Five songs have been recorded so far (total of 55 minutes worth).
* John Myung will be playing an 8 string bass on some tracks,
and possibly some Stick as well.
* The new album will be heavier and darker than previous albums.
* The last day of recording music in the studio is scheduled for June 15th.
* Mike and John will then rehearse for G3 and go on tour.
* James will be recording the vocals for the new Dream Theater album when John and Mike return from the G3 tour.
* Mike Portnoy will be doing some drum clinics in Asia in August.
* Mike hopes to have the album mixed and ready sometime in September.
* The new album will probably not be released this year, but more likely in January 2002.

This sounds awesome. Its about time that they did another heavy album. Can't wait.