New "Groove Metal" Album I Mixed (Axe-FX II, B7K, Metal Machine EZX, and more!)


FFaF Guitarist/Producer
Oct 2, 2009
Washington DC
Hey guys!

Chris Purvis here from the band Friend For A Foe (if you haven't heard of us yet, check out our music in the signature below!). I recently wrapped up recording, mixing, and mastering a VA-based band called Sessions and would love to hear what you guys think of the mix/tones used! You can stream and even purchase the album from here (it's even free if you want it to be!):

A bit about the recording:

Guitars: Agile Septor Elite 727 7-Strings w/Seymour Duncan Blackouts, Schecter Custom Stiletto 5-String Bass

Tones: Axe-FX II for all guitar tones ... Main rhythm and melody/lead guitars were the TS-808 stomp block into a PVH 6160 pre-amp into a dual-cab combo of the 4x12 German V30 and the 4x12 Uber V30 with a R121 and an SM57 respectively. For the mix itself, the guitars had some slight EQ added in post and a limiter and that's it. The bass used a Darkglass B7K overdrive pedal plugged into the Axe-FX II using the 65 Bassguy preset only as a volume booster (disabled the preamp and cab, kept the compression block and tweaked to taste)

Drums: Toontrack's Metal Machine EZX (intentionally used as a personal challenge in my mixing ... plus the samples sound amazing!)

Vocals: Shure SM7b direct into M-Audio Profire 2626

Thanks for you time folks and can't wait to hear what you think!

Wish I could jam this right now but I'm at work and can't use bandcamp on the phone. If you want to upload this to Dropbox or soundcloud I would love to have a listen.
Hi Chris,
The guitar tone is a bit harsh, but that's the only thing I don't really like on your mix. I love the vocals.
Did you use MM only for the drums or did you add some others samples ? Do you mind sharing your FX chains for drums ?

For the songwriting, I'm not too fan of those "chung-(insert silence here)-chung" repeated 'til the end of time. But there are some really good parts here and there (I've listened to all the songs).