New interview with Stefan


May 14, 2007
Stefan did a very nice interview with 'Rocknytt' for the 'Sweden Rock Cruise'.
The interview was only available in Swedish, but Stefan himself made the English translation (especially for you all) :kickass: !

Check it out:

Today marks the beginning of a series of interviews in collaboration with SWEDEN ROCK with all the bands that will be participating at the Sweden Rock Cruise (which takes place on April 11) where we briefly get a progress report on what has happened recently and what is to come.
First up is prog metal greats SEVENTH WONDER, where Sven Mörén of Rocknytt had a chat with the band's drummer STEFAN NORGREN.

Is this the first time you play on a SWEDEN ROCK CRUISE?
Stefan: Yes! In any case it will be a first for me. I have over the years played on rock cruises but not the SWEDEN ROCK one. So it will be fun.

You are, since a few years back, the band's newest member!
Stefan: That's right. I joined the band in 2010 when I was asked to do an audition. So I came in a few months after the last album "The Great Escape" was released.

I interviewed TOMMY KAREVIK before his debut release with KAMELOT where he said that during the time he is out on the road you guys are working on the new album. So the plan is for Tommy to just come home and record the vocals?
Stefan: Kind of, yes. Tommy is on the road with KAMELOT on and off. When he is out, we work really hard on the instrumental parts so that when he´s home he can get to work on melodies and lyrics. It feels like we´re getting a lot of work done this way and we can´t wait for the final result!

If we go to you as the new drummer, what is the big difference between you and the band's previous drummer JOHNNY SANDIN in terms of playing style?
Stefan: We have a lot in common in terms of influences. We´re both really into technically advanced guys like MIKE PORTNOY and such drummers. We both like to explore the details in our respective ways of playing. If we go into our differences, I´d say Johnny is more “mathematical”, focusing more on details and accents while I myself am more into groove, with a PANTERA twist, if you will. But when playing the old songs I obviously try to stay true to Johnny´s parts and his way of playing, which has been, and still is at times, a challenge. It´s been an incredibly inspiring process for me.

Tell us about some of your other and previous projects before joining SEVENTH WONDER.
Stefan: I´m active in a band called FACESHIFT. We are at this moment recording our second album. Before that I was the live drummer in LION'S SHARE who I toured with in support of their last two albums. I was never a permanent member of the band, but I was hired for live gigs and recordings between 2007 to 2009. We played some great gigs and tours. Among others the SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL. We played Germany in support of Manowar, which was really cool. The funny thing is that it was while touring with LION'S SHARE I met SEVENTH WONDER for the first time, when both bands played at a festival in Norway a few years ago.

The last two albums have been more or less concept albums. Will the new album also have conceptual theme?
Stefan: "Mercy Falls" (2008) was a concept album all the way through whereas "The Great Escape" is only conceptual in the title song, which of course is thirty minutes long and based on the book "Aniara" (space epic from 1956 written by Nobel laureate Harry Martinson, author's note). As far as the next record is concerned, I can´t really reveal yet whether or not it will have conceptual elements to it or not. So far, we´re only working with the music, and then when the vocals and the lyrics begin to take shape we'll see where it all will end up.

Will it be very recognizable to your fans or have you explored many new musical areas?
Stefan: You will definitely recognize the sound, as the backbone of the band (bass, guitar and keyboard) is intact. But there will certainly be some new creative ideas, partly because of what I bring to the table and how I differ from my predecessors. But even if some parts will sound a little different, the listener will still know it´s Seventh Wonder right away.

Tommy has seen a considerable boost in his career since joining KAMELOT. Do you feel that SEVENTH WONDER have also benefitted from this and gained new fans?
Stefan: It was crazy how, when the news spread that Tommy was KAMELOT´s new frontman, tons of their fans immediately began checking out Tommy´s background. I remember how the number of views for the music video for "Alley Cat" took off from 200.000 to 400.000 in the days following the official announcement, which was of course very flattering. So Tommy's career advancement has no doubt affected the band in a positive way, so we really can´t wait to present our new music to everyone.

What can we expect from you guys on the upcoming cruise?
Stefan: We´ll play a fairly short set, I think just under an hour. It will be a"Greatest Hits"-type concert where we will try to perform everyone´s favourite songs. We'll also try to squeeze in a surprise of some sort, as a special treat for all our friends and fans on board.

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