New Maiden Feature @ Royal Carnage


Be still, O wand'rer!
Apr 26, 2002
Thought you guys might appreciate a new MAIDEN feature up at RC - pretty comprehensive stuff, including reviews for the Eddie's Archive CDs. or follow the banner signature link....

We're huge fans, so we thought this is worth sharing with others of our like! Enjoy!

Come discuss in our UM forum if you want! Cheers.

Yeah I just figured that some Maiden fans could share with other Maiden fans - you know, especially in light of the new upcoming album etc.

You don't have to check it out, obviously. :)
The real Maiden fans around the world will be expecting a rerelease of the Maiden special in a year or so :)
Goreripper said:
A rerelease of the Royal Carnage special, of course. :) With additional artwork and "bonus" tracks.

We're a very, very cynical bunch here. :)

:lol: :lol:

Yeah, we'll throw in a few multimedia options as well, hehehe.
Rumor has it, if you read the feature 6 different ways, on 6 different days of the week, at 6 different times of the day, you can access an unreleased article that never quite saw the light of day.

Or you can go to eBay and bid away your paycheck for the original manuscript. ;)
you should convert the feature into a scroll to put in a biscuit tin with some b sides in it, then sell it for same the price you can buy an ethiopian slave kid from kmart.