ROYAL CARNAGE: You have to see this IRON MAIDEN feature...

Tormentor said:
Oh, alright. It's okay. I rank them as the best on that album. This illustrates just how controvercial this album is, among Maiden fans. There's lots of different opinions about it. It took me 5 years to really like this album. Guess it had to grow on me, like X Factor has done. ;)

For me, most of my issues with NPftD and X Factor revolve around production values. The songs aren't exactly disasterous, but the production is just piss poor.

NPftD doesn't sound polished enough for me (a la Powerslave). And The X Factor needs extra amounts of volume just to hear it at a decent level. Those 'quiet' intros with Blaze trying to hit the right notes are almost inaudible (as well as excruciating).

Iron Maiden are the very benchmark of how other Metal bands are judged. If Maiden had only those excellent 80s albums I'd say a band couldn't be better then Maiden... only as good in a different way. But since they had those less than stellar 90s albums I guess it may be possible for a band to achieve "better than Maiden " status. Possible but very unlikely to happen in our life times.

Note: this thread is completely irelevent to you if you think Maiden suck.
Tormentor said:
Guess it had to grow on me, like X Factor has done. ;)

I'll admit that it grew on me too, and if there is one album that needs to be redone with Bruce on vocals, it's gotta be The X Factor.

I don't think the first two need to be touched, but Maiden may want to consider doing their own "Days of Purgatory" or "Blast from the Past" with the Bailey material.