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Jan 16, 2002
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i seem to have overlooked dark tranquility as i was more into the likes of entombed, dismember, etc. when discovering swedish death years ago. any tape traders that could record a bit for me? perhaps i have something of interest to you. is this band even worth checking out?
Yep, remember to write it with two l's and you should be able to find some songs from the net. In case you want to know more about the band and their albums, read below:

A short Dark Tranquillity -history (by Villain)

Dark Tranquillity, formed in late eighties, originally had the following members: guitarists Niklas Sundin and Mikael Stanne, vocalist Anders Friden, bassist Martin Henriksson and drummer Anders Jivarp. Their songs were mainly composed by Sundin and Henriksson together, with some help from Jivarp, whereas the majority of lyrics were written by Sundin and the rest by Stanne (who also performed backing and "clean" vocals).

After a couple of succesful, yet unnoticed demos ("Trail of Life Decayed" and "A Moonclad Reflection"), DT released their first full-lenght album "Skydancer" (Spinefarm Records) in 1993. It was an epic masterpiece, full of strong, well-constructed songs with amazing melodic depth. Their use of several tempo-changes, a mix of "metallish" and acoustic parts and various, long, rarely repeated riffs gave them the reputation as "creators" of the so-called "gothenburg-sound", alongside with At The Gates. The lyrics on the album were very long, somewhat shamanistic proclamations or incantations. Also, the use (though only in a couple of songs) of a female vocalist (Anna-Kajsa Avehåll) as well as Stanne's clean voice in addition to Friden's screaming was something new in death-metal. Although a bit underproduced, Skydancer is still among those few truly original masterpieces, which will stand through time.

Skydancer gave the band wide popularity in metal-underground, but otherwise it went quite unnoticed. The band encountered some problems at that time, when Friden left the band (to later join In Flames). Stanne took now all the singing-responsibilities and a new guitarist (Fredrik Johansson) joined them. In that form, the band fine-tuned and improved its sound to the next level. In early 1995 they released a Mini-CD (again by Spinefarm) entitled "Of Chaos and Eternal Night". The clean singing was gone and the guitars were more prevalent, but the same basic melodic strength was still there.

Later in the same year, the band released its long-anticipated second full-lenght, "The Gallery" (Osmose) - and it was worth the waiting. Hailed by many as the best melodic death-metal album ever, it combined the fast, entwined guitars with precise drumming and sudden "soft" parts. The music was written by the bassist and both guitarists with some additional help from the drummer. The lyrics were now somewhat shorter than before, yet still very unique in their metaphoral approach; Stanne had by this time taken the major part of lyrics-writing to himself, with Sundin contributing only a little. The occasional female vocals were there again, this time by Eva-Marie Larsson, but Stanne used only his low voice for screaming and speach - there was practically no clean male vocals on the album.

The Gallery was a breakthrough and the band toured a lot and started writing new material quite soon. By late 1996, they had recorded their next album and released a Mini-CD containing songs from those sessions. "Enter Suicidal Angels" introduced the band's new sound, which was more straighforward and aggressive.

In 1997 the band finally released the full album "The Mind's I" (still on Osmose), which divided their fans in two - many liked their new, rawer approach, with short, fast songs; yet there were some, who disliked their near abandonment of the "Tranquillity"-part. The trio of Sundin/Johansson/Henriksson was responsible of the song-writing and Sundin and Stanne wrote the lyrics, which by this time had become quite philosophic. Only one song had female vocals, sung by Sara Svensson.

Although the response for the album wasn't so firm, the following tour was a success. Afterwards, the band withdrew from the public and decided to take a step away from the path they had been traveling so far. It took over two years, before their next album, "Projector", saw the light of day - by that time Johansson had already departed with the band, although he still appeared on the record.

Projector (Century Media, 1999) was a bold step into new areas in metal-music. It featured once again clean male vocals and the addition of some synths brought a refreshingly new sound to a couple of songs. However, the album still featured the trademark DT-guitaring and Stanne still growled a lot - thus, overall the album was not "lighter" than the previous ones. Henriksson did now the most of composing, with lots of help from Jivarp and Sundin. Johansson had participated only in a couple of songs and Stanne made one short song all by himself. The lyrics, now written by Stanne alone, were darker in mood, concentrating into the "self". One song had female vocals (by Johanna Anderson).

The departure of Johansson forced some line-up changes in the band. Henriksson took the guitar and left the bass for Michael Nicklasson, who had for long been a friend of the band-members. Also, a new man responsible for the electronics was found in Martin Brändström. The band once again embarked for a tour, this time with In Flames, Children of Bodom and Arch Enemy.

The band's latest album, Haven (Century Media, 2000) was once again a move to a new frontier. It relied heavily on the electronics in sound, and the songs were once again faster and shorter. Sundin had by this time stopped contributing to the songwriting, and most of it was done by Jivarp and Henriksson, with some help from the new guys. Stanne wrote once again all the lyrics and there weren't any clean singing, except in one song.

Some people resented the change towards "techno" and happier, catchy melodies, but the band's incredible ability to retain some old "melodic-death-metal" elements (original guitar-riffs, growled vocals and intense drumming) and combine them with new, fresh synthetic sounds was hailed by many. Another succesful tour followed and at the moment the band is rumored to be writing new material for the forthcoming album, which should see the day of light later this year.

I like all their albums, Enter Suicidal Angels the least and The Gallery the most. Of songs, I would recommend "A Bolt of Blazing Gold" from Skydancer, "Punish My Heaven" from The Gallery, "Hedon" from The Mind's I, "Nether Novas" from Projector and "The Wonders at Your Feet" from Haven.

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wow, pr0n! that incredibly talented prog-epic-darkwave metal band from switzerland! i waited years to put my greedy hands over their complete discography! :)

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Yes dnload Dark Tranquillity songs from here ------>

and dont listen those crapy demo songs!

whaaaaaaaat?????????? :cry:
don't listen to hearse !!! hehe ok,maybe he is right....well they are not crapy....but well not everybody likes them...
but you have to download "Midwinter/beyond enlightenment" at least :cool:
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No, write it with one L, you always find more mp3's that way.

D'oh! :erk: I forgot that people tend to be rather stupid when they upload stuff on the net... :Smug:

ok.... for reasons of clearing up doubt:
pr0n = porn (for those of you who didn't figure that out :D )

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I really recommend not to do that! :D :p

You have to realize that this person is new to DT... would you like first song that he possibly dnload even with modem, to be DT's worst song, with terrible sound quality?

I don't think he would like DT after that ;) :D
that's why I recommended best songs of that page with good sound quality. That really shows what DT can do. ;)

ok're right (unfortunately :mad: :p)
it's just that for me the demo isn't shitty at all..on the contrary when the first time i listened to it I got amazed ....i expected much worse stuff (imagine what the rest of the demos i have heard sound like :D )...Imho the demo is really good....the songs are quite complicated and full of good ideas...for a demo level of course....
as for Midwinter/beyond enlightenment is my favourite song from trail of life decayed...and actually one of my favourite DT songs....
and hehe to be honest..if i had to choose between haven and the demo i would definitely prefer the demo..... :rolleyes: hehe it's a matter of taste.....

but well anyway... you're right...he must start from sth uhmmm more listenable ;)
pr0n = porn (for those of you who didn't figure that out )

Damn!!! I hadn't figured that out, there are still some people who use the internet for different purposes than downloading "pr0n".

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