Dark "Tranquility"


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Oct 11, 2001
Espoo, Finland
I'm sick and tired of people spelling Dark "Tranquility". My local record store reads tranquility in the DT section. I get more results on a mp3 search for tranquility. Amazon.com has no DT albums, just Dark Tranquility ones. Everybody besides the bands members and people who come to this forum misspell it. I know tranquility is how you spell the word in american english. But that's not how you spell the name of the band. I could as well give up and have people keep their Dark Tranquility and Emporer... Bastard americans.
Correct english, yes. But there's only one way to spell the name "Dark Tranquillity". Dark Tranquility, while correct english, means something else.

-Villain (whose nickname, btw, is not spelled "Villian")
I've also seen "dark tranquility" (with a single L) in numerous groups thanx lists (yeah those in the cd booklets) and I always wanted to check out if it was spelled correctly or not on my DT cds :p that was some months ago.. now I'm pretty sure :p
we all know because we all like dt a lot. please understand that the spelling is not correct for modern english, though, so unknowing strangers everywhere are perhaps allowed a little perplexity and a few mistakes. maybe when the queen of england will finally resolve to name mikael and niklas 'sirs', english grammar will also change accordingly. :)