New to Metal

Don't listen to UA, he usually recommends really queer symphonic metal.

Check out the bands Midnight and Gehennah and if you don't like them, get fucked. I know they don't fit your criteria but I don't care. They are mandatory listening.

Yes, the two bands I recommended there are clearly ultra-symphonic in every way possible, aye kid? :lol::lol::lol:

Get reading comprehension please.

Also "kid"? How old are you? Chances are I'm your age or older, faggot.
As somebody who only likes 1 out of 1000 bands, I'm excited to have found this forum and hope to discover a lot of new music this way.

So here it goes:
I have only been listening to metal for 5 months, and my range of taste has already increased from the new album of the Metalcore band 'Bring me the Horizon'(no clear vocals, few heavy growls and screams, pianist included) to a (Technical) Deathmetal band called 'Thy Art is Murder((newest album only)demonic growls, hard screams, breakdowns, a lot instrumental parts). By now, the genres that I can enjoy are post-hardcore,Metalcore bands without whiny vocals, and DeathMetal(mostly technical). What I absolutely don't like are screams(also instruments) that are too unclear to understand. A few bands I like(actually, this ks my whole list :/) are 'Bring me the Horizon', 'Heartist', 'The last of our Kind', 'Outline in Color', 'Hacktivist', 'Woe, is me', 'Thy Art is Murder', 'blessthefall', 'Crown the Empire' and 'Adept'.

So, I hope this was clear enough to help me.

Thanks for reading :).

I literaly dont know any of the bands you just mentioned :D Hope u get into some real metal doode.