Hardcore and Metal similar to Slipknot

^Nothingface do not use turntables.
An Audio Guide For Everyday Atrocity is actually a good album but they don't remind me of Slipknot at all. More like Pantera and Tool.
Get Iowa if you haven't.

Also, people have said Five Finger Death Punch sounds somewhat like Slipknot.

Maybe try Will Haven. They are repetitive though.

And Mnemic - The Audio Injected Soul
The closest comparisons I can think of while remaining decent.. Earthtone 9, start by checking out song Star Damage for Beginners off the top of my head.. Korovakill, try Waterhells.. of course there's Zyklon, try Hammer Revelation.. and then well mang some Korn songs can rock the right mood, try to ignore the self-pitying lyrics, you know..