new update


Aug 21, 2011
New update from Nick!! I'm sure we all have our fingers (and toes, arms, legs and any other flanges we can) crossed that the hard drive issue will resolve peaceably.
But thank you so much for the update!! Ray sounds f*cking fantastic! :hotjump: His cold was definitely noticeable in the previous live DVD, especially on "Fall on You". But he still sounded great. This one sounds amazing!
Yeah, that update had me concerned. I don't want to think of what would happen if the work was lost. Yikes. I didn't listen to the clip. I want to experience the whole thing for the first time when it's released. :)
The right folks can get anything off a dead HD as I understand it. For the right amount of money. I abandoned my files as I didn't have the right amount of money.
Just got the follow-up from Nick. We hope it all goes well with the hard drive recovery. I've ordered a bucket of chicken for Jobu already.
I guess he still has the original footage and the lost stuff was the edited footage. It would be a shame if he needed to redo it. The concert took place at progpower 2012, and it's looking like spring 2014 before we see anything. That's a long gap.
I wonder if this means no new Redemption album until maybe 2016 -- especially if he needs to spend another couple months redoing these files. It seems like this DVD has absorbed lots of his time the past year, and judging by the band's past albums it typically takes two years for Redemption to write and record new material. Unless he's been writing new material while working on the DVD. As a diehard fan, I hope that's the case, but if it is he must be exhausted.
I echo that sentiment. Hopefully Nick is still writing. I seem to recall hearing him say something to that effect. But sounds like Mickey is taking a backseat to this DVD labour of love. And i'm fine with that.
Hmmm... Been looking forward to this since announced so would be a darn shame for all involved and fans if it were to be shelved after so much work already, so fingers crossed!
The only thing i'm slightly disappointed about is that Nick mentioned the fact that the signatures might have to be on a separate picture, like an 8x10 glossy or something. Since i am getting this for my son, i'd love to have everyone's signature actually on the CD/DVD packaging, but i understand the problems with getting that accomplished, with Ray's touring schedule with FW. But, it's not definite yet.
Bit confused, but due to some recent posts here,m are we still getting the DVD or not? Any further information?