new update

We are getting the DVD when it's released sometime in the Fall (according to the last update from Nick). Here is the last posting he sent out, dated April 4:

Hello, dear friends.
Our long national nightmare is over.
Last week I reviewed a final version of the pre-authored concert. I am pleased to say that it looks and sounds great.
We have a surprised for you…a 5.1 mix! I need to proof this as well, but I do believe the worst is behind us. That and we are hoping to include a little bonus track of the song Leviathan Rising as performed in Germany on our tour. Obviously it won't have the production value or audio quality of the main concert, but it does add one more song to the list.
Soon, I will be reaching out for addresses after I figure out logistics of getting everything ordered through the good people at The Laser's Edge, whose affiliated label, Sensory Records is putting out the DVD/CD. We got our start with Sensory and before announcing new label news, wanted to come back to Ken to work on this new release. He's a great guy and has been a great partner.
From a logistics standpoint, those of you who are getting autographed DVDs may need to have an autographed photo sent with the DVDs. I hope this isn't a disappointment -- I want to make sure we can actually do this effectively and I also have to consider that Ray has some Fates dates coming up so we're going to try to speed things along now.
More to come soon, but I can attest, a finished version of the DVD does in fact exist and looks great.
Thanks for your patience and continued support -- I have to lock down dates with Ken but I am hopeful late fall.