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Vanquished is hard at work writing new material for the new full length album, yet untitled. Guitarist/vocalist DERTAH turns 23 today!
Guitarist/vocalist DERTAH turns 23 today!

Wow! Having known the guy, that's almost hard to believe. 23 he may be, but he's an old soul.

+ You guys started drinking and playing black metal at the age that most people just start drinking. You have come so far already, and you all still have at least 10-20 years of madness ahead of you!!!
Vanquished will be 5 years old in October. We have definitely seen alot of bands turn to ashes since our formation. We take it as strength to perservere and keep playing the music we want to play( not what is expected).
I have been working out some basic lyrical ideas for the 2 new songs , and i can say that our deep bond with nature will be very evident in both the new sound and words.

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