NFMBHL...Fantasy hockey anyone?


Dec 6, 2001
In a Zone
It's hockey time again, and I thought I'd set up a fantasy hockey league for fellow Anthrax fans via the Yahoo fantasy sports.

While knowing a little about hockey players helps, it's not essential to play this game (and it's a great way to learn who's who). And at a one-time low-price of "free", how can you afford not to play? ("And I think we can afford 'free', Marge")

The league capacity is 20 teams, so you'll have to sign up before Chris Pronger can impregnate someone other than his wife in Anaheim to avoid disappointment (that's right, by the time you read this, you may already be too late). It's really quite simple (you'll need a Yahoo ID, which is also free if you don't already have one):

1. Go to
2. Click "Sign up now"
3. Click "I agree" (don't bother reading it, you're just agreeing to send me all your money :p )
4. Click "Join Existing or Custom League"
5. Click "Join a Custom League"
6. Enter "75872" for league ID, and "anthrax" for password, then click "Continue".
7. Enter a team name, choose your settings, then click "Continue"
8. Click "Register my Team"
9. You're done!
10. Return to the Fantasy Hockey home page (in #1 above, you'll want to bookmark that site)
11. In the blue bar on the right hand side, click on your team name.
12. Click on "Pre-Draft Player Rankings". This will show you your default draft order. If you know nothing about hockey, I wouldn't bother making too many changes, as all the best players are near the top of the rankings already. But if you think you know better, feel free to change them...

I will run the draft as soon as the league fills up, or October 4 (first day of the season), whichever comes first. Once you have your team, you can change line-ups, trade players, pick up free agents (so don't worry if you ended up with a lousy team to start, you can make an unlimited number of changes...but will they be the right changes?).

Unlike many hockey drafts, this one runs on a weekly head-to-head basis: you'll be paired up against one other team for the week, and will have to try and beat them in as many different categories as possible to score "points". Only the final score at the end of each week will count in the standings.

At the end of the season, the top six teams will make the playoffs and compete for bragging rights and all the glory that comes with it.

Don't miss out! Once you've signed up, post here with your team name, so we can keep track of who's playing.