oh fuck

Well, I'd like to quote a Mr.Bungle interview from 1991 for you:

Masturbation. Yes, Patton has talked about it in Spin, in Rock Scene, NME and Kerrang! Patton has talked about it just about everywhere, he always gets asked the masturbation question, so here is what Spruance has to say.

Spruance: "We're all really heavy masturbators. I'm the worst." How many times per day? Spruance: "Five. Trevor can masturbate twice a day, maximum. He's lucky if he does it three times in a week. Mike and I are similar, we talk about what feels good and stuff and we're pretty similar on that. Trevor's the real oddball."

Normal masturbation in males (that means you reader -- okay, we know girls do it too, but the stats vary, so we'll deal with boys here) runs the gamut from two to three times per month to six times per day. So nobody's too odd, hmm? Just being a dude.

Get my point? :loco:
I'm not wining, I'm moping: theres a difference. Besides, what am I gonna say? "Hi! I just thought I'd stop by because I'm missing you so much because of how much I love you. Can I stay or shall I just go?". That's really what she's gonna want to hear!

and 46 days left
Helmi (Pearl) is right.

All I've got to say is this: Go to her before it's too late.
And that comes from someone who has some (bad) experience my friend.
Well ,I don't know the topic but do what you feel inside...
The result can be bad ,I don't know, but at least you would do what you feel...You would be true to yourself...
Originally posted by Slash Freeman
yeah but after those 46 (now 45) days she'll be expecting to see me. if i just turn up on her doorstep, she's gonna want to know why i know where she lives, and thats gonna lead to some akward moments.
On the other hand it could be possible that at this very moment she's on a discussion board on the other side of the internet, writing:
"AAAAAARRRGH! Still 43 remaining before I meet my beloved Slash Freeman again! Alas this agony!"

Getting another one for this time is not recommended :) The more people you've been _seriously_ romantically involved, the more ghosts will sleep with you both in your common bed.
thanks, all of you, for what you recommend. i just need to try to not think about her so much. something which is not easy.

and you maybe right, she may be saying "so long 'til i see him", but not on the net, i don't think. her computers bust........

thanks anyway. i'm gonna go watch blues brothers now, so i'll catch you later. :hugs: