Oh, the disillusionment! But I shall overcome!


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Sep 18, 2003
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I can do this.
I WILL do this! I have the support of a number of wonderful
people, all my Loyals, and a big wave of positive energy from
them. *glows!* Normally i can get through this stuff ON MY OWN,
as i've done so many times before (I am woman!), but I'm
realizing how much I need people to pay attention to me in my
life, and I hope, with all HOPE, they know how much I appreciate
them and their dedication to MY causes. *hugs and love and all

I feel like i'm going CRAZY! One moment, everything seems fine,
calm as a stagnant pond. and the next, I'm thrown a curve ball
straight into my preciousness, and it sends me into a wild
unabating frenzy. Now my Subjects keep coming to my rescue and
helping me pick up the pieces... unfortunately it seems like
every time humpty dumpty gets put back together again *sniff*,
there's a piece missing. *OH,OHHHHH the tragedy of LIFE! I feel
faint....and sickened, truely..... :(

I am slowly, ever so sloowwlyy realizing that this time, no
matter how great my efforts, I will not get what i WANT!. How
dare they! BUT, so rather than continue to fight and push, I AM
going to have to back down, which is something I am completely
unfamiliar with. I AM a fighter! I am persistent and I go after
what i want! i don't give up!

i have no choice. i give up. *weeps! falls to knees, looks
beggingly up towards the sky. boohooohooo!*

but i will make it. Yes, oh yes, I will.


Lets look again, my friend. Yes, take a veeery close look, if
you will.
things are not always as they appear. NOOOOOOOO!!!!
picture perfect? hardly!
bowl of cherries? rotten to the CORE!

people are two-faced and horrible, oh god, The things I've seen!
not ALL of them, of course, but when you think everything is
okay, they pull the rug out from under your feet! MONSTERS! stay
guarded, turkeys, for otherwise I shall fear for you! don't get
too comfortable and don't take things for granted. No, HEED MY
WORDS! there's always something around the corner that screws it
all up for you. there are just some people in the world who are
NOT good people. watch out for them, wolves in sheep's clothing.
I'm telling you, for my experience is broad and I KNOW! I know
what I say is the truth. So listen up, my people!

as a result, i am guarded.
very much so. :(

and starting to feel sick about it all. Ugh!

I feel a migraine coming on!
no hard feelings but in times like these,i really wish i could understand what you mean.I read and i get confused hehe.id like to understand,really.You're a walking riddle :p