on my desk this morning:


You may enter up to 25 ch
Apr 11, 2002
Where you live
A big plastic pumpkin filled with candy, a photocopied cartoon of a ghost, and this note (talk about flagrant use of exclamation points):
The Phantom Ghost has come to town
to leave you some goodies, I see you have found!
If you do not wish a curse to fall,
Continue this greeting, the "Phantom" calls!
First, post this Phantom where it can be seen,
and leave it there until Halloween!
This will scare other Phantoms who may visit.
Be sure to participate, don't be a fuss-budget!

Second, make two treats, two phantoms, and two notes like this,
Deliver them to 2 neighbors who may have been missed!
Don't let them see you, be sneaky, no doubt,
And make sure they put their "Phantom Ghost" out!

Leave on desks, where the Phantom hasn't been.
Be sure t obe sneaky, and please don't be seen!
You have only one day to act, so run get your treats!
The quicker we do this, no one gets left out, or feels like a creep!

And last, but not least, come join in the season,
Don't worry, be happy, you need no good reason!
Be cool, have fun, but please don't be seen!
Share in the spirit of a XX Halloween!

(XX = company name)

1) i do not need/want this candy, and it will likely be passed on to someone else.
1b) whoever got me this bought cheap candy, so forced participation <> quality items
2) i did not ask to participate in this
3) this is not unlike the United Way campaign which, oddly enough, is going on at the same exact time and which they wish ALL of us to participate in as well
4) the pumpkin is staring at me in a carnal sense
5) the photocopied ghost picture is pretty crappy; why would i want to post a crappy picture?
6) i like the calendar from New China restaurant hanging on my wall much better, with a car, scenic city, and chinese girl for every month. for this month's girl, i drew KISS tattoos on her.
7) everyone else has a crappy photocopied ghost hanging up so who the heck am i supposed to do this to? my boss' boss? yeah, like i want to get caught sneaking around their office after dark.
8) support of this event supports tooth decay, which i am highly against.
9) if i take the candy home to use for trick or treaters and disavow all knowledge of ever receiving said candy and papers, a wonderfully juicy rumor mill will start about how someone stole my candy- in which i shall get to play the damsel in candy-less distress. that's way more entertaining than leaving someone else a bunch of crappy photocopies and some 6-month old Smarties.
Don't post the Phantom at your desk so it looks like you were never "visited." That way, you'll either be left out and forgotten, or you'll get more candy that might be better.

Or participate in the most obvious way possible. "Sneak" around loudly and conspicuously when depositing candy at others' desks and do it while they're sitting there.
we're doing our big UW drive now also, they show us films of kids living in cars who become nasa scientists thx to UW and then they showed us a vid of a food pantry and they're giving out Kraft mothermacaroni and fucking cheese and I'm thinking, well that's cool but wtg(f) I'm eating store brand mac 'n' jac, and both my cars are 1983, and suddenly I'm thinking, jesus christos, these people are eating better than me!!!

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Wait - there's no catch whatsoever for not participating in this aol-chain-letter-good-cheer thing. No kidney failure, no bad luck, no "Microsoft will not send you 100 bucks". I think you should do it.
You gave up Chicago, and Novembers Doom for it, so enjoy your treat filled pumpkin, cuz you ain't getting mine anymore!


Novembers Paul said:
You gave up Chicago, and Novembers Doom for it, so enjoy your treat filled pumpkin, cuz you ain't getting mine anymore!

NovembersPaul: "This pumpkin is no longer yours! You gave it up when you died and came back as a Tom Wopat impersonator!"
Chupe: "But I loves me some pumpkin, BABAY!"
NovembersPaul: "No."
Chupe: "BABAY!"
NovembersPaul: "No."
Chupe: "BABAY!"
Sigfried Begley Jr.: "Did you see the SIZE of that tiger?"