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Aftermath..Shades of Hell
Aug 5, 2005
Edited down from an online chat.

Thursday, April 27, 2006
Online chat w/ John & Joey
Edited transcript of an online chat on 4/27/06. From the website for Italy's Evolution Festival.

mcfoley13: John Bush.... Do you remember a little party down in Hermosa Beach CA. back in 1987??
John: My friend Henry lived in Hermosa Beach and we had a toga party at his house. I assume you mean there.

Heretic: Hi John and Joey!!! Which are your musical experiences now?
John: Singing childrens songs to my daughter.
Joey: You mean what am I doing musically? I am finishing up work on my new solo record. Should be done by June hopefully.

Enrico: Is there going to be a new AS studio album ? Or is it just a 'live' reunion ?
John: First things first. Lets play some shows.
Joey: I don't know yet about a new record. We haven't had the time to sit down and talk about it in great detail. So for now we're doing some really cool shows in Europe this summer of course including the evolution festival.

Sim1: How are things with Anthrax these days? They are playing a show tonight in my city.
John: Haven't talked to them to much.

MrFrag: what do you think about our festival?
John: I think its awesome that Armored Saint is finally playing Italy.

Hood666: Do you have an idea about the playlist that you're going to play at Evolution fest?
John: Haven't really thought about it yet. Do you have any request?
Joey: Slight idea, but we have not yet made a set list. but it will be full of energy for sure.

PorcoTizio: In your opinion, what is your best album?
Joey: I have favorites for different reasons. Delirous Nomad, Symbol of Salvation and Revelation stand out for me.
John: I think all are a little different. Personal faves are Delirious Nomad and Revelation.

slashvanyoung: Greetings from Germany! Are there any plans to tour Germany, too? I know you will be playing a festival. Hope to hear some new music from you guys soon! John, you inspired me to work on my own vocal-skills. You guys are awesome!
John: So far only Bang Your Head. Thanks for the nice comment. Hope your voice is kicking ass.

Sepu: What are your best memories of Italy? I hope you will have a nice one here at volution festival! You rock!
Joey: Thanks. I love Italy. It's one of my favorite countries. The art, the food, the poeple, all great. Can't wait to play there again. Looking forward to the evolution festival.

Sim1: Do you know any Italian metal bands? At Evolution you'll meet some of the best (e.g. Eldritch, Sadist). Ever heard of them?
John: I've toured with Lacuna Coil. They just played LA two nights ago. I'm open to hearing more Italian metal.
Joey: No, sorry I don't know much about them.

PorcoTizio: Joey you prefer metallica or the megadeth?
Joey: It depends on what side of the bed I wake up on.

Sim1: Do you listen to other metal bands to find ideas for your music? What is your take on the metalcore scene?
John: I listen to all kinds of music depending on what mood I'm in. The metalcore scene has been great for Metal Blade records. I do prefer more singing.
Joey: Not really, I mostly am still influenced by the music from the 70's. And I like the fact that the metal core scene has revived the metal scene in general, it's made it seem like 1984 all over again. Which dpending on how you look at it, could be good or bad.

Master FO: Do you like Black Sabbath? If yes, Do you prefer the Ozzy era or the Dio era?
Joey: Who doesn't like Sabbath? I like them both Dio And Ozzy (w/Sabbath). For me, Sabbath ended after Dio left.
John: I love both. Heaven and hell and Volume 4. Two of the best rock records ever.

slashvanyoung: Hey Joey! Besides your own solo record, are you still into producing other bands and artists?
Joey: Yes.

Sim1: Have you already played shows with either Death Angel or Atheist ? They are going to be onstage your same day at Evolution!
John: Saint played with Death Angel and Metallica in 84 at the Kabuki theater in San Francisco.

Barbe: how war the us metal scene when Armored Saint played together? how did you live your experience?
John: I think you mean when we first started out in 1982? Well by the time we were playing the clubs and selling them out in 1983, the metal scene was just starting and before we played 50 gigs we got a recording deal. It was a great time to be in LA. Hasn't been the same since. When we started we were 19 years old and full of booze and energy. As you grow older your priorities change. We became better musicians. LA in the early 80's was a lot of fun.

Sim1: How did u choose the name "Armored Saint" ?
Joey: We saw the movie Excalibur and we were quite stoned. Then it hit us like a huge wheel of cheese.
John: A lot of pot and the movie Excalibur.

Albe: John, looking back, how do you see the time when Lars Ulrich called you and asked you to join Metallica? It was 1987, It is right? What made you decide not to take up on his offer? Have you got any regrets for that choice?
John: Actually it was 1983 before Kill em all was made. No remorse, no regrets.

serfanto: What do you think about today's metallica?
John: Metallica is Metallica. Their still the kings.

Sim1: What's the song that you prefer performing live?
Joey: I like lots. Tribal Dance is always fun.
John: Many. Nothing cooler than Aftermath.

Sim1: Do you know/listen to Tool? Opeth?
Joey: Yeah dig them both, Damnation is a great record.
John: I like Tool and Opeth. Very talented.

MrFrag: what about power metal? here almost everyone hate it... do you agree with us?
Joey: I thought Power Metal was huge in Italy!
John: Isn't all metal powerful? ha ha

Sim1: How come "Den Of Thieves" is such a perfect song?
John: Thanks. Don't know. A very good friend of mine helped me write the lyrics and he passed away last year. Maybe his spirit is in the song.

slashvanyoung: Joey, when you joined Anthrax, did you already know that it would just be a short-term gig? Btw, I really dig your bass-sound. It's very punchy and add's a lot to the overall-sound.
Joey: Yes of course. Frankie was taking time off from the band and I just came in to do some touring, lots of it! It was really cool.

Sim1: Does it make a lot of difference to have a son when you are a rockstar?
John: We both have girls. Were breeding the next generation of metal heads.
John: Thanks for your time. See you at the festival. I want to hear all you singing with me.

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John and Joey V are truly class acts. Not an ill word to that "other" band. I know I would have a hard time biting my tongue.