Opeth 2009 Tour Prediction/Dream Setlists

I hope to hear The Drapery Falls again (played last year at the Palladium, in Worcester, MA)....probably my favorite Opeth song.
He could sing it normally but in a death growl just to scare the shit out of people, imagine him singing "My sweet Satan" in a super deep death growl. I'm scared just thinking about it.
Probably wont happen, but i'd love to see this setlist:

1. The Moor
2. In Mist She Was Standing
3. The Amen Corner
4. A Fair Judgement
5. Blackrose Immortal
6. Hope Leaves
7. The Drapery Falls
8. Burden
9. Reverie/Harlequin Forest
10. Deliverance


01- Wreath
02- Funeral Portrait
03- The Lotus Eater
04- Hope Leaves
05- The Moor
06- Godhead's Lament
07- Hessian Peel
08- Credence
09- Harlequin Forest
10- Deliverance


11- Blackrose Immortal

Dream and to some extent prediction:

Heir Apparent
The Lotus Eater
The Night and The Silent Water
Under The Weeping Moon
Godhead's Lament
The Funeral Portrait
Demon of The Fall