Opeth In NY...Which Date Is Real???

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Aug 27, 2002
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To Opeth fans in the NY area....

I have seen 2 seperate dates for Opeth in NYC. The Blabbermouth.net post says Jan 19th at Irving Plaza, but the official Opeth site says 24th (or maybe 25th) in Brooklyn at L'Amour.

It's not both dates, because the official site says that they're playing the 19th in Canada. Who to trust? I would believe the official site, but it says "To Be Confirmed" next to the Brooklyn date.

Can anyone firm this up for me???
I dunno but I hope to GOD its not that shithole hole in the wall that is L'amours. Opeth deserves better than that. Im leaning toward the Irving Plaza being the real show, cuz Lamours updtates their site everyday, and theya re yet to update with an Opeth show (thank god) Plus there are way to many Opeth fans here in the tri state area, and theyw ill never fit in Lamours. Iriving is the bigger and better venue by far. I have my money on it being Irving.

but then again, that could be changed to the 25th on saturday, in which Lamours would be open and free for Opeth to play there. I trust Opeth.com over blabbermouth, and to my shagrin, they will be playing the shithole hole in the wall down the block from where I live. FUCK! OPETH DESERVES BETTER THAN THAT RATHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its time I think for a RANT....:mad: :mad:

no offence to Paul from GreySkies Fallen who works there, but I hate that place with a bloody passion. First off Im there way too much and its lame, the people are lame, the whole Brooklyn scene has gotten so lame ugh. Second, Lamours has the WORST reputation as far as bands playing the times they are supposed to, if a band is set to play at 10pm, thelly mostlikely go on at midnite. Thrirdly, the sheer amount of bullshit kiddiie metal bands that open up for the headliners, something like 10 bands will play before Opeth, all of which suck ass, and all of which Ive seen 1000 times. Fourthly, its a god dman hole in the wall, that you can walk by it and if not for the metalheads walking around in the general area, you would miss it altogether. Fiftly, there will be a SHIT load of people there, I mean a SHITLOAD, all of which Lamours is UNCABALE of handling, cuz its a fucking tiny ass place. Then there are the lame tards that frequent EVERY single metal show there, even if they have no clue whose playing. This is a disaster waiting to happen...Opeth deserves better...They deserve, Beacon Theater, Irving Plaza, The World, or Roseland, NOT that hole.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
Originally posted by Thorns of Sorrow
nevermind Im an idiot...Ticketmaster has confirmed its at Irving Plaza, ok I can rest easy now...pfffew

That's good, I was hoping they wouldn't play Lamours. I've had enough of that place as well. Besides... it's all the way out in fucking karaho-land.