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May 9, 2003
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Anybody interested in some really rare Opeth shirts? I have two XL unworn long-sleeve Opeth shirts I was thinking about selling. It's the Orchid and My Arms, Your Hearse long-sleeves, but NOT the new versions. They're the originals that came out years ago. They look totally different than the new versions (and look better in my opinion).

I also have a XL Still Life short-sleeve T-shirt (worn only a couple times, still looks perfect) which is also an original too. Instead of it having pictures of the band members on the back like the new versions do, it shows more artwork from the Still Life booklet on the back (if you look in the Still Life booklet where it shows the band members, in the middle there's a picture of a person with their arm out and the tree limbs behind them. That's on the back of the shirt instead of the band member photos).

If anybody is interested in any or all of them make me an offer on IM, but just so you know I'm not letting them go easily. I know they're worth quite a bit to certain crazed Opeth fans. haha If nobody wants them here they're going to end up on Ebay.
I have the Lamentations tour 2004 XL shirt with the band on the front and tour dates on the back if anyone wants to buy. I wore it once after the show. I would trade it for something or sell it for 15 bucks+ shipping since i payed 25 for it. Trades would be great tho, and only USA.
What's the difference between the new Orchid and My Arms, Your Hearse shirts and the old? Thanks.