Spelling Error on the back of Opeth shirts

Sean Casey

New Metal Member
Feb 22, 2006
My friend pointed this out to me today while reading the back of my Opeth shirt. On the back of the shirts they're selling on their recent tour, it says: 02/15- Raliegh, NC, Lincoln Theater.

The correct spelling is "Raleigh"

just thought I'd throw that out there.
are you crazy
now everyone will know that those are collectors items!!!!!
I see mistakes on all sorts of Tour shirts like wrong state abbreviations. Sometimes they put Arkansas as AK when AK is Alaska.
What the hell is an Alaska?

P.S. my grandma lives in Raliegh, NC. ^-^ If Opeth spells it wrong, then its right, so meh.
Akerfeldt for president and may he name all states as he wishes. I have a suggestion though to change "Texas" to "Nuke here please". :loco: