Orchid & MAYH shirts...YAY!


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May 1, 2001
For those of you who missed out on Opeth back in the day when these shirts originally came out or just haven't been able to find one yet anywhere...LIKE ME, my friend gave me this link this morning. YAY! "Happy happy, joy joy."



By the way, can anyone tell me what that Orchid long sleeve has on the back?
I wore my MAYH shirt to the Milwaukee Metalfest 2 years ago when Opeth played, and I was the most popular girl there! All day long, "Woah! Cool! Where'd you get that?" It was great. :D Thanks for the shirt, Dune. ;)
:p I do have a Morningrise longsleeve that (believe it or not) I found out in a store in the middle of North Carolina. The guys in Opeth dug it! Mikael said it was going for around $60 on EBay....but I'm wearing the shirt until I cannot wear it anymore!
Two weeks ago, I finally obtained the Prize ... a MAYH t-shirt, with the cover with large logo on the front, and "My Arms Your Hearse" on the back .... my girlfriend is sick of it already.
Alucard: "Thanks Opet, these are pretty cool. Now if I could only find a damn Morningrise shirt." No shit already. Dammit! :mad: I'm dying over here!

_Transparent_ seems to be the lucky duck out of the whole lot seeing them live soon. Damn Atlantic Ocean. It's always slowing me down. ;)

Opethinfinity: "I do have a Morningrise long sleeve that (believe it or not) I found out in a store in the middle of North Carolina." Wow! You must have been really good to find something like that. Why the hell would some store at random have that on sale?! That's nuts. Color me amazed. "I'm wearing the shirt until I cannot wear it anymore!" Amen to that. I salute you and all the fortunates alike. ;)

Metalmaster: "Two weeks ago, I finally obtained the Prize. A MAYH t-shirt...my girlfriend is sick of it already." What a downer. Why? Is it that far from your normal dress? Or are you just being crazy about it and plan on wearing it until it falls off your back? :D Either way, I can't wait to get one of my own. "By the way, there are also Still Life shirts here." I forgot to mention that, sorry. That's all I own. The hooded shirt and a long sleeve. I need to INCREASE THE GEAR! I neeeEEEeeed. :cry:

Well, looks like I'm getting 2 more long sleeves. :hotjump:


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