Orden Ogan


Granada Porch Crew
Feb 25, 2004
Glenn, have you checked these guys out! I'm f'n smoked.:kickass:

After long, bleak years, in which legends such as Running Wild, Helloween, Gamma Ray and Blind Guardian have been holding the German flag of Melodic Power Metal, a new force has arisen to follow in the original hereos footsteps in the shape of ORDEN OGAN.
The traditional roots of the bands sound are, of course, contemporary modern, effortlessly avoiding cliche and is able to remain fresh and original. Symphonic keyboards melt into grinding guitar riffs and bombastic choir and orchestral arrangements creating an impressive wall of sound. Change is the way forward and it drives ORDEN OGAN to perfect and to perfection.
It is difficult to label the bands classical yet progressive sound, (with a Scandinavian touch), in any typical area of German metal.
On 22 Febuary 2008 Yonah Records will release ORDEN OGAN'S Debut Album "Vale" allowing the band reserve a place on the Fantasy Power Metal Scene's throne. Modern and traditional and the most original in their class of what Germany has to offer lately.

I came across this German band that basically employs a progressive power sound, with some folky elements here and there. The vocals are mid-range and pretty solid, and some layered choral vocals are used to good effect. They just released their sophomore album, Vale, and I was quite impressed. Unfortunately they don't seem to have any North American distribution (their label is Yonah Records)...Ken Golden, you should really look into this band ;)

Orden Ogan myspace