Orden Ogan

Thanks to the Metal Madman for turning me onto these guys on his show. I wish I had seen this thread 6 months ago!!!

These guys slay. Not only are those myspace songs from their new album awesome, but the one from their 2004 album is killer as well. Love these vocals.

I can't make PP this year, but if some vendors stock this, I guarantee I'll have one of my friends pick it up for me there. I'm not a big fan of those prices from amazon.de, the only place that seems to be selling the CD :erk:
Where can I find their CDs at a reasonable price?

Yeah, that's the real trick, isn't it? Their new one appears to only be available through amazon.de for about $25 + shipping. The older one doesn't seem to be available (since it was self-released and from 2004, that's not surprising).

Note: the song Angels War from the myspace page is set to allow downloads.
I got lucky. Snagged it from "The End Records" when it was still in stock.

Glad you are really takin a likin to em Sea!
A little Teaser


This is their tribute to Running Wild

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