Ozzys new single

Well it's better than I thought it was gonna be. Luckily it has Zakk all over it so it's quite good... but Ozzy's singing is pretty bad. I mean he's never been the greatest singer but this is just like droning and I found it irritating on the first listen... I'll give it a few more listens and see if it gets any better.
Originally posted by Cooperman
but Ozzy's singing is pretty bad.

Shocking isn't it. Maybe it was the quality of the mp3 - but if not, Ozzy has lost it. For crying out loud, the guy can hardly talk anymore (just watch 'The Last Supper').

They would be better of simply using a little studio magic and mixing the vocals from old Ozzy and Sabbath albums, by taking a few words from various songs to make a verse. Even then it would sound less 'forced'.

bla blaa bla bla blaa bla.. blaaaa In a moderatley high pitched whine.

Otherwise, it was a pretty cool song. ;)
Aside from the masterpiece that is Tribute, I don't care much for solo Ozzy. After listening to the great live version of Crazy Train, I compared it to the flat, two-dimensional sounding studio take on Blizzard of Ozz and proceeded to sell my copy of said album. To Duellist as it happens :).

Just out of curiosity, do the remasters sound any better? Not that I'd buy them unless I won a lottery or something

The Ozzman isn't a living legend, y'understand, but a large part of his reputation comes from his "evil bastard" persona rather than his questionable musical ability. Compare his work with Sabbath to that of Tony Martin, and I don't think there can be any question as to who is the better vocalist.

(Wrathy realises the implications of what he's just typed and runs away to hide under the bed...)