Paradise Lost - what the fuck happened...


Mar 3, 2003
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i was listening to Symbol of Life earlier... and the bootleg i recorded... and the Montreal bootleg from this past tour with Opeth.

now, im listening to a bootleg from 1993. WHY.... WHAT would possess a band that had it all... the heaviness, the excellent growl/sing vocals, cool drums... to turn into a goth rock/poppy style band? On this 1993 bootleg, the fans are SCREAMING with cheers, they are chanting "HEY HEY HEY!" I listen to the bootleg I recorded, a guy yells "FUCK YOU"... this is depressing... at least the music fits the state of the band. Don't get me wrong, i like the new stuff, but compared to the older... fuck...
got bored of it (the metal)

wanted to explore different realms of music

thats about all there is to it