"TWU" What the fuck?!?!


Prejudice Bastard
Apr 27, 2002
*Warning - The following text contains excessive amounts of mindless bitching and should only be viewed if metaly insane.*

Ok... What is the deal?

"Twu" they call it. Those die hard fanatics out there use this term for the most metal of all metal bands. It's like the elitist-subgenre. The miriad of requirements a band has to meet to find itself nestled snuggly in this category are outragious. Every band seems to be too thrash, too death, too doom, too black, too prog, too "nu", you get the point.

Unless I got left in the dark on some key info, Im assuming that "TWU" is supposed to be True. As in, a twu-metal band would be the embodiment of metal itself. Yet these fanatics chose the most... ghetto, if you will, term to describe them.

Twu, i mean what the fuck? are we in the hood now? "Whats the dizzle my nizzle" and shit like that? Do we have lisps or something? Not educated enough to spell out true properly? Too fucking lazy to write it out? IT IS FOUR GOD DAMN LETTERS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! What is the fucking deal.

People go around bashing nu-metal bands (imo - they deserve it ;] ), yet they use this nu-esque term for the bands they love. I just dont fuckin get it, and it pisses me off. Its a stupid fucking term. FUCK!!!
"twu" ... hahhahaa, i picture it being said by a little girl, much like a young shirley temple (picture to follow ... > )

thats even worse than "tr00," which i have a big problem with as well, such a geeky word, making me think of those 1337 H4X0R types.. :lol:

Yo, nigga, you be dissin' my Pumas, I'm bout to bust a slug in yo dome, beeitch. *Vomits from use of Ebonics*
where is blackwinterdays gay fucking ass? we were at those board together, and were just bitching about this topic the other day, hell know what i am talking about....
"Twu"? :lol: Sounds like the priest from the movie Princess Bride. "Wuv, twu wuv."

The one I see most is tr00, & kvlt. (esp. when talking about Black Metal.)

It's all pretty stupid, IMO.

'kvlt' I dont have as much as a problem with, but that could be do to my fondness for words with v's in place of u's, which started with all those years of latin class where I would protest the teachers use of U's, since romans used v's. just keepin' it tr00...

its those damn numbers in words that get to me.

not that kvlt isnt a stupid word, of course. it definitely is.
thats what im getting at really... any of those stupid fucking terms... 0oO0o l0xor @ m3 1 M 1337 haX0r. thats so fucking gay, i hate when people TyPe LiKe ThiS ... it drives me fucking insane...

its like some popculture virus that is infecting the community, and frankly i dont want the god damned thing fucking up metal.

dont even get me started on mtv....