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Jan 17, 2005
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I am one of the leaders currently supporting a campaign for an exclusive metal video channel. Our goal is to achieve an outlet for our musical heroes, such as Dio, where they no longer have to fight the industry to get their music out to be heard. Video made the Rock star many years ago. It can happen again if everyone pulls together. Currently now have over 357 supporters. We are 13 days into this, we are still in the infancy stages, but the progress and positive feedback has been outstanding. We need EVERYONE'S help, from the artists to the fans, if we are going to make this happen. Three artists, confirmed, have given their support for this cause. Hopefully many more will follow their lead. It takes all of 2 mins to link and sign. The rally leaders are John and I. John has worked on movements before with some success, but he and I cannot do this alone. We are in the process of contacting Record Labels, Management, Producers, Publicists, etc. The metal community MUST come together and support each other in order for this to happen.

Petition for an All Metal Channel:

Do you miss watching heavy metal videos? Did you stay awake countless hours jamming away to headbangers ball till the wee hours of the morning? Would you be willing to pay a little more to have an all metal music video channel? If you answered yes, then we could really use everyone’s support. Please click on the link below and help rally your support for an All Metal Video Channel. Currently, Vh1 has Soul, Country, Mega Hits, but there is no metal channel in the works. Our bands were deprived of their video airplay when MTV stopped playing music videos over a decade ago.

I personally blame MTV for the 90’s video crash and the fall out of the music industry. Many bands relied on this airplay and when that was stripped from them, bands could not survive. Hostility and frustrations began to soar which led to the separation of many a band. I must admit that I do have hidden hopes. I hope that an all metal channel will be the rebirth of metal music. I hope that this will encourage artists to remember the success that they once had, be able to put their personal differences aside, and give their original bands and their musical careers another shot. After all, life is too short and precious for such animosity. They had the success once before, and they can have it again.

If at the very least, I hope this will encourage our metal artists to start making music videos again. One artist quoted, “There is no sense in making a video because MTV will not play it.” (Dokken) That is unjust. Our artists must fight the music industry just to get their music out to be heard by their fans. Why should they pay a fortune to make a video that will never be played or seen? We need a place for the metal family to call their own. An All Metal Channel would be the answer. This will give our artists another opportunity in life to get their names and music back into the music industry and pursue their musical dreams.

We metal fans must come together and stick together to support these artists. We have over 30 years of metal history and it’s time our favorite groups, past and present, get the air time and recognition that they deserve. Without their fans, they have nothing. But with our help and support, we could hopefully help make their dreams come true again.

Here is the link:

Campaign Leaders, :wave:
-John & Lynne
“Not for you. Not for me. But for us.”-ra

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