Please, I'm stuck. Mixing hints and tips please. It sounds like crap.....


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Mar 8, 2016
Hey all. I've been trying to record my self for a while now but I always end up with this crapy mix over and over again
This song is a cover. Its only a bit but it presents my mixing issue pretty well.
Any thoughts how to improve my sound, especially the guitar sound.........

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You really have some serious volume issues there... First, the bass guitar is WAY too loud, the guitars are too quiet and the drums sound like a badly EQ'd Superior Drummer kit to my ears honestly, the snare and the kick are way too snappy and thin sounding and are lacking lots of body.

I suggest you redoing all the drum processing you've done, then try to "fader mix" the whole thing by just using the volume faders until the mix balance is good and then start processing the mix elements that need processing (if they do, they may not always need that much EQ:ing honestly). Try to fix those issues first and then maybe post an another, updated version of the mix. I hope that helps a bit, keep mixing!
First, email a moderator to move this thread in the Practice section. You'd have more views/help :)

I cannot listen at the moment but all I can say is: use reference mixes! Not only for the "vibe" (I'm not talking about the "sound") but the overall balance. When you're satisfied with the overall balance without any plugin, cut/reduce/tame what you judge as "bad frequencies". Keep cool with that, you can go back and reduce more later if needed. Also don't push the low end (especially on guitars but not only) huge sounding records have not tons of low end (just amazingly managed low end hehe) and don't use compressors during the first steps. Compressors need to be used properly to deliver good results and it's not easy at all.

Then, buy Systematic Mixing Guide by Ermz.

Hope that helps!
Honestly, it sounds like most of the elements are there, just not balanced/eq'd properly. Sounds like there's a huge high shelf on the drum bus and everything seems very bright. I can hear the potential in the tones though.