1. O

    Looking for help to improve on guitar tone/overall production

    Hi!! I'm new to the forum, and I'm seeking for help to improve my game on my songs. I made this quick song with just riffs that may not have any sense, but it's just to illustrate where I'm standing now in music production: So...
  2. Silkoch

    Free 5 String Bass Sample Library

    I have recently sampled my friends ESP Ltd 5 string bass guitar. The seven round robin layers per note make the sampled instrument more realisitic. It's certainly not the best bass sampler out there but I find it to sound better then any of the free bass samplers I have tried so far. Here is a...
  3. Onder

    Hearing the difference? Role of instruments and gear in metal sound

    I was wondering - what role do instruments and musician's gear have on the resulting sound, really? And specifically in extreme metal? I assume we won't be talking much about guitars and basses per se as the sound in metal is so heavily distorted, but what about the amps? I vaguely remember...
  4. MaxoMarto

    Hi everyone! This is my introduction

    Hi, I'm Maxo Marto, from Argentina, 22 years old, student of audio engineering/musical production and I want to show you my Youtube channel, where I upload videos of my productions (Now I just work in covers, but in the future I hope give you some of my compositions)...
  5. EmiRizzi

    All things Production

    Hey guys, Got some YouTube playlists for all things I find on Music and Metal production. Metal Production General Music Production I'm sure...
  6. Christopher Beattie

    Progressive Metal FFO: BTBAM, Meshuggah, The Contortionist

    What's up guys, I'm pretty new here so I thought I'd share some of my stuff, it would mean a lot if you checked it out!
  7. Blond Panda

    Mixing Practice: Harcore/Deathcore

    I probably shouldn't spam this forum too much, but anyways, this is one of my own songs. It walks the line between Deathcore and Hardcore, so if you're a fan of any of these genres, this one might be for you (unless you really hate my song, I guess). It's 47 tracks, including bounced out drum...
  8. Nikolas Quemtri

    Metalcore/Post-Hardcore song mixed

    Hey, Have recently mixed this song for a practice, so would like to know your opinions/crits! Thanks! :kickass:
  9. ProgressiveRocco

    ALICE IN CHAINS - Check My Brain MIXTEST (AxeFx2-SD2.0-GGD)

    Black Gives Way To Blue by AIC is one of my all time favorite records in terms of mixing/production. Jerry's guitar tone is AMAZING on that album! Hard to recreate that Randy Staub magic in the low end but I had fun trying at least:D I've recorded guitars and bass using the Fractal AxeFx2, drums...
  10. M

    How to Achieve that Black Metal Sound!

    Greetings everyone! Ive finally discovered how to get that pure, Lo-Fi, Analogue Black Metal Sound and Wanted to share it with everyone!
  11. TacticalTiger

    Struggling Audio Engineer; Full Metal Production

    I designed this track to showcase various instruments used in a full metal production. Everything is there minus live vocals. I used Live Acoustic Guitar, Midi Violins, Viola, and Choir by Garitan orchestra 4. Two guitar tracks panned hard left and right recorded through a peavey vypyr 120(that...
  12. Blond Panda

    Looking for live drum multitracks

    So I've been looking through the internet, hoping to find some nice sounding live drum tracks because up until now I've only ever really dealt with MIDI drums and I want to learn how to mix live recordings. However I saw myself unable to find anything to satisfy my needs. Most of the older links...
  13. Blakeley Townson


    Just a quick little snippet of a song I'm writing. Trying to get my production value up. Any critiques on what to improve would be lovely. This snippet is very short but I'm mainly trying to make my mixes better. THANKS!
  14. ExProduction


    Hello guys, I'd just like to leave a link to a small online shop/store we're trying to make for young producers and people who mix/master. Here attached is the link to our web shop, that includes plenty of DRUM samples, and guitar tones for various hardware and software platforms, all of that...
  15. Punkyskunky

    Unstoppable Recording Machine Blog - 20 Mix Tips: Part 2!

    Hey all! Part 2 of my "20 Mixing Tips" Blog has just been published over on Joey Sturgis and Eyal Levi's Unstoppable Recording Machine website! Check it out here: Make sure to leave a comment, and feel free to ask me...
  16. C

    Hello Everyone!!!

    I Joined this Forum to learn more about mixing and mastering primarily. I know there are many pro engineers and producers that are members and I am looking to learn. I am pretty new to Pro Tools and will be posting some of my mixes in the near future for some advice.
  17. T

    Eighteen Visions - Original album

    What's up guys! I just wanted to post this to see if anyone was interested in seeing the original Lyrics and music for Eighteen Vision's most reviewed album. Yesterday is Time Killed. Originally produced by Cedargate Productions way back when, people have been looking for the original lyrics...
  18. johnny ForTiorI

    Need a mixing engineer?

    hi everybody. if you got some songs you´d like me to mix and/or master, feel free to send me a PM and we can talk about prices and details and what not. here´s what i worked on today for funsies to give you an idea: you can also find some of my official credits here...
  19. T

    Forbidden To Fly is STILL looking for a producer

    Hi again everyone. My band is still looking for a producer for our debut ep after the guy we were working with in our previous songs decided my lyrics went against his religious beliefs... :rolleyes: Anyway, send us your portfolio or talk to me via our FB page or through my personal page. Also...
  20. abaga129

    I'm Beginning a Series of Tutorials on Developing Plug-ins

    Hey everyone, I've begun creating a series of tutorials about developing audio plug-ins using C++ and the JUCE Framework. If you're interested in this topic, you can find the tutorials on my blog at I will be posting the 3rd part later today. Right now I'm...