PLEASE recommend any symphonic/melodic gothic metal bands with girlies as lead??

Aug 10, 2004
hey um I'm REALLY into Nightwish, and wanna get more stuff like that, so are there any other awesome progressive metal/gothic metal/symphonic-operatic(?)-Melodic gothic metal bands that have chicks as vocalists? T'would be a GREAT help to me if you could recommend anything to this youngen deprived of decent gothic metal bands atm!!!!!!! :)
Thankyou all xXx
Tristania and Sirenia have both male and female vocalists. Tristania is decent, whereas I don't care that much for Sirenia.

You could also check out Leaves' Eyes, you'll probably like them.
AFTER FOREVER. i just got their new release "invisible circles" and its very good. the chic singin has an amazing voice
Check out the following:
Dreams Of Sanity (especially their debut "Komödia")

Soulslide (featuring former Dreams Of Sanity-vocalist Sandra Schleret, you can download one song - "The Dreamer" - from their official website ; you find it under "stuff" and "files")

The Third And The Mortal (maybe their first two releases "Sorrow" and "Tears Laid In Earth" might appeal the most to you; for more info go to their official website - there are also a few soundsamples, unfortunately only about 30 seconds each, and a full-length video of their song "Magma" which you can download)

The Gathering (you might prefer their albums "Mandylion" and "Nighttime Birds" to their latest albums; )

Atrox (some of their songs might be too weird for you - they definitely sound very different from Nightwish -, but to find out for yourself, just go to ; you can also download some of their songs in mp3-format from the samples section there)

Finally, you should visit this website:

I guess there you´ll find nearly anything you´re looking for - music-wise.
Not even war metal is more abhorrent than the mopey silliness made by gothic metal bands fronted by women in PVC, which somehow always find their ways onto napalm records.