Possible Progress in Metal...?


New Metal Member
Dec 31, 2009

All evidence points to a shift in attention away from the nu-metal, metalcore, crabcore, et cetera ad nauseum trends of late towards a rebirth of traditional metal in all of its forms… let us hope that this continues into 2010!

What are some thoughts about the direction of metal...? Is it going to continue to climb in terms of quality, become further geared toward the old-school, or will it digress into more of the same fragile trends and silly gimmicks...?
There will always be shit bands in metal, just as there are shit bands in every genre. There may be more "true" metal on it's way but most of it would still suck.
Metal will fall out of fashion and be forced completely underground once again (as it was in the early 1990's), which will improve the quality overall. However, without bullish generation of profits from album sales and big shows, a lot of record companies will fold and many groups will disband. For those of you who enjoy watching metal videos on (cable) television and having a variety of live events to choose from at any time, dark days lie ahead. However, serious listeners will reap the fruits as bands and labels focus on quality and not quantity.