Proud of this mix- Please criticize


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This is the finished version of a 4 song demo of a death metal band. I posted some rough mixes here a couple weeks ago. Comparing it to my previous work (sadly previous work was my own band, this is not) I think I'm miles ahead of that, although of course still great room for improvement. I'm posting the myspace link although as proved a million times here, myspace rapes the highs, IMO it totally murders the cymbals so I'm also posting the link to a .rar containing the four songs in decent mp3. I'm also posting separate dropbox links to all four songs for you lazy ones, although I would recommend listening to the whole demo as track 2 has a different mix than the other ones due to some issues with a useless guitar track.
Carnagoth - "Forced To Suffering" Demo 2009

01 - The Carnagoth
02 - Pact of Violence, Skies of Blood
03 - Beheaded for Being Christian
04 - Condemned to Death

Please criticize everything, and yeah drums are programmed and don't sound too good that I know. If anyone is interested I'll talk about signal chains and processing used during mixing.
At first when i heard this i was like "yuk that sounds bad" but the more i listen the more i like. I think in a very raw way it fits the music!

The kick needs some more highs and less mids, it's sounding boxy atm

the snare needs bringing up, and again less mids and more highs.

The guitars were better in the second track, but are really unbalanced towards the right hand side in that one
Thanks skeksis, yeah the idea was a raw old-school US death metal type of sound. About the kick sound, It's actually probably what I like the most, I don't like those super clicky kicks, although I do get your point about it sounding too boxy.

About the balanced problem, it was my mistake, since that track had a different guitar mix and it was the band's fault I decided not to take too much worry into it and mixed it pretty fast and careless. Will not happen next time though