Sep 1, 2001
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anybody know about the purity story. The girl trapped in a box. I recently just started to find out about this story. It is fucked up as all hell. Ive heard of it before but never really looked into it until recently. It is so fuckin creepy. You know the slipknot song that slipknot got sewed for doing because of it. Frail limb nursery and purity were taken off the first record because of it. If you guys dont know the story or anything about it i think its at crimescene.com or something. It is one of the most fucked up storys ive heard of (since i was looking at the stuff at 3:00 in the morning maybe) You think to yourself how fucked up can a human being be? well pretty fucked up. It is so creepy that the pictures on that site are real too. you guys should take a look. its really sick what this guy did to this girl.
I'm very certain that the story is complete fiction. If you look at any website other than crimescene.com it will tell you that.
it look pretty much like fiction to me...a lot of it didn't ring true...it looked like it supposed to be some sort puzzle for ppl to work out from the way the evidence was presented...and other things, like the little kid...maybe things are different in america but in most countries a 9 yr old witness to a murder would not have his name, photograph and other personal details published