question about DI box output

Jun 26, 2009
New Jersey
recently the mic inputs stopped working on my interface but the instrument 1/4 inch jacks still work. If i run my countryman di box on a battery and run an XLR to 1/4 jack into my interfaces instrument in, will the quality be less than that of running Xlr to Xlr? Thanks in advance.
Yes, as the line input is designed to accept a line level signal, and your DI box sends a mic level signal. So you'll have an impedance mismatch and an increased noise floor.

So you'd best pick up a new interface or an external mic preamp (and run it through the line in of your interface)
Hmm, not certain whether there are any significant impedance differences between mic and line level, since so many interfaces use TRS/XLR combo jacks (and I doubt the TRS/XLR connectors are wired separately, though I guess it's possible...)
Come to think of it you're probably right on that one, I was thinking because most interfaces have a mic/line switch but then there are quite a few that don't, so its probably the same impedance.