Question about the voice

you´re right Domson as TIOBS,

vocal chords is the right translation for stimmbänder. ;)
kinda sounds weird but that´s what it is.
i´m married to an american, and that´s at least what she calls them. :err:
Lets have a singing competition! Or should I say sound samples so you can hear others opinion of your voice.
What to improve etc.

Or is it a bad idea?
Its not so nervous to put out a sound sample...better than just singing live to others.

I can do it if others do it...
But I warn you! It may be terrible for your ears :)
Originally posted by Domson as TIOBS
Well, I do understand "Das ist en" because it's nearly the same in German ("Das ist ein") if I haven't misunderstood it, but "vattenspruter"? Wattepfropfen? :D

I once had a few Latin lyrics in an old song, and my Song "Abschaum" ("Scum") contains German, English and even Frensh lyrics :eek:

Heh, I did mix-ups like that all the time in exams when I studied German and Swedish... :D
Risedfromthedeath, I could make it, don't have a problem with that, only we need some suggestions on what to sing - One of our favourite songs, own songs or whatever... I could sing some non-growling Opeth-song, no prob ;) But I could also sing some screamy things :rolleyes:
I just sung two short parts from "Godhead's Lament" but I didn't bear listening to them, terrible I tell ya. But I would suggest two MP3s that I have recorded some months ago, complete songs with music and everything. The quality and volume isn't that good, and I can only make the whole stuff with a keyboard so of course it doesn't sound too good. Check out Domson as TIOBS - Star (End Of Tonight) and Domson as TIOBS - Grove Of Shadows ! And please tell me how you would describe the style (especially for Grove of Shadows, cause Star is a very unheavy song) cause I don't have an idea about how to call it :-/

BTW, sorry that the files are that big :rolleyes:
Well...I can say that Im not a great fan of keyboards. I took lessons years ago and now fundamentally hate the instrument...sound and everything :)

The style I dont know because of the keyboard...
But it sounds like rock. Not to heavy, but then again the keyboard comes up in my mind.

Tip: Learn to play guitar and plug it into a computer :)
Yeah, I am planning to learn playing guitar some day. Well if you don't have a band the keyboard is very good to test your own songs and create styles for them. But as time passes it starts to get on your nerves because the possibilities for sounds and riffs are very restricted. And the electric guitars sound terribly unreal. What do you say about melodies, text, singing and idea?

[edit]Argh, why has the use of avatars been deactivated? Now that I've just made one :( [/edit]
I will post a sample when Ivbe recorded it. But I havent been alone in my appartment for a while now so I have to wait.
I will not sing as my dad can hear me :) Im shy...
Yeh I hate that too, I don't sing that much when my parents are there, but if the music is loud enough I no more have any probs with singing, here everyone is used to it you know.
Which part do you think is aggressive? I guess the end of Star is the most aggressive one in the two songs... There are some much more aggressive songs that I've created, especially their texts are quite heavy. The prob is that I can't growl at all but maybe I'll learn it someday *hope*.