Question for fans of death/black metal.


Real Man
Nov 19, 2002
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I have a question for fans of death/black metal.
I'm looking for bands that are essentially in that genre, but are melodic, symphonic, technically skilled, but don't have splatter/satanic/otherwise evil kind of lyrics.

An example of the style of music I'm looking for is like Dimmu Borgir's "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant." But again, without evil type lyrics.

Any suggestions?
It depends very much on your definition of "evil". ;)

I'm not that much into these genres, but I like bands like Dimmu Borgir or Cildren of Bodom. I dont care too much about the lyrics myself, in fact I find it quite interesting to read them (although they dont represent my values at all). I also like quite a few Pagan/Viking Metal bands like Vintersorg, Borknagar, Moonsorrow. The lyrics are mostly about nordic mythology, ancient rites etc.

Another band I can recommend is Arcturus. I dont really understand what their lyrics are about though ;) Their two latest albums are both absolute masterpieces.
Hmm...the whole thing about black metal are the "evil" lyrics so I dunno how much luck you're gonna have there, but Dimmu are fucking awsome.

And Children of Bodom are neoclassical not black metal (dont let the vocals fool you! ;))
You shouldn't look into black metal then, they tend to have evil lyrics. Check out:

Dark Traquility
Arch Enemy
Thyrfing (I think you'll love these guys)
Aeternus (Good choice if you don't mind traditional death metal vocals, lots of folk elements on the early stuff and some keyboards here and there. Don't look into the newest albums, they are straightforward brutal death metal)

Note: Most of these bands don't have symphonic elements (except Thyrfing), most of the melodies come from the guitars. Soilwork uses keyboards to add some atmosphere, though.
Dying Fetus. They are death metal.

Melodic, technically skilled, with socio-political lyrics and the occasional tongue in cheek stereotypical death metal song. Excellent excellent band.
Thanks everybody. Some of the suggestions are ones I've got, but there are some that I still need to check out. I just got Darkane's "Insanity," and really like it.I guess I'm not necessarily looking for Black/Death metal per se, but bands with a similar sound, but without lyrics about gore, Satan, etc.Metal Chick, you might be right!:) (I don't have the faintest clue what Nile is singing...growling...whatever, that's for sure...)

Great experimental black metal band with plenty of melody and interesting cosmic/nature type lyrics. Empiricism would be a great album to start with, as it features the amazing Vintersorg on vocals.