Rahan's Polls


Mar 3, 2004
Montreal, Canada
Hey guys, thanks for voting in my polls. I'm enjoying reading your comments and had some good laughs with some replies! I know some songs have been left behind so far and it's not intentionnal, it's because of the limitation in the amount of entries per poll (20 lines max). So if you do the math, the most combination of songs possible to fit inside 20 entries is with 6 songs at the time. So, no I'm not a doodiehead. I know all the songs as much as you do!

In the upcoming polls for Blackwater Park and Damnation (Deliverance stills fits), there will also be 2 songs left out on each. Sooooo, what I'm planing to do is a final first round poll for the "Left Behind: Best Two" with Epilogue, Benighted, 2 "Left Behind" of Blackwater Park and 2 "Left Behind" of Damnation. I'm sorry for the fans of Silhouette, Requiem, Prologue and Madrigal but hey, I'm doing what I can...

Afterwards, the fun will begin when I will ask you guys to narrow it down my way!

Cheers, and keep on voting !! :headbang:
Isn't Rahan the stone-age guy who travels the world and isn't very much accepted by other people because he's blond? It's been a while but I guess it was something like that.
Hello Guys,

The polls are going very well thanks to you. Like I posted in the "Rahan's Polls" tread, I know some songs per album are sometimes omitted in polls and this isn't because I'm a doodiehead or cockface or whatever, it's because of the limited amount of entries permitted per poll. The most songs per album I can fit per poll with all possible combination is 6. Sooo... don't worry! After the Damnation poll, There will be a final "first round poll" called "Left Behind: Best Two" coming up tomorrow. This poll will have the songs Benighted, Harvest, Patterns Of The Ivy, Ending Credits, Weakness and Epilogue fighting for the final spots prior the "second round" upcoming polls. For fans of Silhouette, Requiem, Madrigal, Prologue, Still Day Beneath The Sun and Patterns Of The Ivy II, I'm sorry but, hey, I'm doing what I can.

This being said, PLEASE USE THE VOTING BUTTONS for your votes since those are the one I will use to determine the songs making it to the second rounds. I'm not counting the "write in votes". You have until Tuesday, September 7th at 9h00pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time to submit your votes. Afterwards, were going into Round 2 with the top 24 songs.

Cheers ! :headbang:
Is it me, or would it have been easier to list every song on every album and have everyone vote for their fave song... instead of two?? That, or rig the poll so that they could vote for more than one?? (<------Could that even be done??) That way, you could have fit all the songs in one shot instead of coming back with a new poll which contains all the leftovers. o_O