Great pics JD, nice majestic photography on an amazing bird of prey.

And now for true bald:

Is this a thread about turkeys? o_O

As for Ozzy staying or not staying... nobody seemed to mind BEFORE the horrible act THAT WOMAN commited... and it is not Ozzy's fault... therefore he should stay... if Lemmy could be added BESIDES the already present icons... that would be cool!
sixxswine said:
I wonder if a Vulture tastes anywhere near the same as a Turkey?!

Dunno, after all the turkey is an oversized chicken. And we have a lizard here that is hunted in the nortwest since it's taste like chicken (kind like frogs legs I guess) I've been told.

So I guess a vulture can be eated too.
Wyvern said:
As for egging $haron...Zeppie can you get us some ostrich eggs?

If you can get that close to Sharon I can get you Ebola :devil:

As far as eating a vulture goes, I'd strongly advise against eating one, plainly because carnivores' meat tastes like shit and vultures in particular does not follow healthy diets.