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Dec 4, 2011
Went for a swim the other day, and when I entered the pool area the radio was blasting Over the Hills and Faraway. I may have imagined, but it felt like I started doing my laps just a bit more energetically than usual. Nice.

(Couldn't find this type of thread, but if such a topic exists, as always feel free to relocate this, C)
I don't think so; we can keep it as is for now.

Well, I had somewhat of a "Nightwish encounter" when watching a show called Behind the Music; the band featured that week was Twisted Sister, and one of the bandmembers was being interviewed with a poster in the background of some festival where Kamelot and Tarja played. Not exactly Nightwish, but that's the closest us folks can get in this country sometimes. ;) :lol:
A while ago on the bus, I heard someone playing Ghost Love Score from their phone. I just so happened to be wearing my Wishmaster shirt that day. While I was getting off the bus, I identified who was playing it and gave her a high-five on the way out. That was pretty sweet.

Going back to 2007, I was eagerly waiting for Dark Passion Play to arrive. I was hoping for it to be in my local music store the day it was released, but because there was no local release they said there would be a "minor delay" in its arrival. So I showed up every day asking if it was there yet, some days more than once. Finally, after two weeks, I was walking there and heard the album blasting out of the store. There was a sign scribbled on some paper in the front window: "Yes, Nightwish Girl, we have it now." That was pretty sweet, but I wouldn't say totally random. :lol:
Yeah, it was brilliant. :lol: One of the guys there has very much come to know my love for this band. About a week ago I was in there asking if they had Epica's new album. After replying with "Nah, we haven't got any around" he backed up a moment and said "Wait, you're not looking for Nightwish?" The look on his face was rather amusing. :lol:
Very true! Though I WOULD worry about the quality of an album written in a day, no matter who it was by. :lol:
..where Nightwish will pop up. I was selecting tracks for my set this week, and I come across this a track by Alex BassJunkie & Riche called "Hard Porn Steven Seagull". Weird name, but what's in a name these days? Giving it a listen, i find it's basically a dutch/uk hardcore remix of Wishmaster. I couldn't decide if it was kind of interesting, or completely terrible, but I had to pick it up for the personal collection.

For those who want to hear Nightwish at 175bpm of pounding madness (a slight bit harder than what I usually mix, btw), it's at Trackitdown.net.
This is pretty random indeed, a video clip I just happened to check out while doing some searches for work:

It turns out Tuomas's dad is the chair of the board of directors in a Kitee engineering company called Kit-Sell which makes sawmilling machinery. This is their 20th anniversary video. An old man first recites Kalevala and Pentti Holopainen then gives an account of the company's history on the background of very familiar sounding music. Gotta love the endearingly home-brewed feel to it.
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I was biking past a restoran when I heard Last of the Wilds playing from the speakers of the restoran. So I just automatically stopped in the middle of the street and i could not continue biking before the song had ended. It just made my day! Love Nightwish!
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