rap music after 98 Sucks balls

I've never liked rap, in any form. I was raised on rap hating head banging principles. So my say on rap has/is/always will be the same. On the same token as rapper being unoriginal, the same is going for heavy music to. The nu metal scene, the metal core scene, even death and thrash are getting redundant. There are a few new bands who, though they have obvious roots in other music, are creating something new and interesting. (Lamb of God, Chevelle, Mastadon, Novembers Doom, Katatonia, Opeth) In all reality though, no one has the motivation to do anything original or interesting anymore. What's worse is that the media portrays these unoriginal fuck tards to be so great, and people buy it! Fuck the media.
gaschamber said:
i love to start shit, but not now...just like MOST other forms of music, there is a hip hop underground, and its just like everything else, some good, some bad. ALL of hip hop is not about money and girls and gay shit like that, the underground is about the talent, and yes there is talent in rhyming. if you heard the right m.c's, youd understand, but i seriously doubt anyone on here is going to be open minded enough to try. there are a few m.c's that would just flat out make you shit your pants with the way they can use words. and as far as "ripping off" other peoples shit to get beats, im gettin my feet wet with the recording studio, and its trickier than you think, you got to match up the right notes, melodies and so on and so on. FUCK ANYTHING, AND EVERYTHING "HIP HOP" ON MTV, JUST LIKE FUCK ALL THE METAL ON MTV.

EXACTLY. But yet still, even the good underground hip-hop is still few and far between.

Blackalicious is wikked, so is Necro, UN (sounds like old wu!), Atmosphere aint too shabby either.

But most rappers today (Look at Method Man and Redman!) have "metallica syndrome."
prime666 said:
I kind of take it back. I heard some stuff by DMX and I have to admit, I was impressed.
It's Dark and Hell is Hot is one of the greatest of all time. That was in 98 actually which is accurate to the title of this thread.