Re-record Tonight's Decision

i am the only one who does not enjoy VE fully just because of this tone? it really puts me off :(
I don't think any of the albums need re-recording. They're all great. It would be interesting to hear a re-recorded Tonight's Decision with how well Jonas' voice has developed but totally un-necessary. Perhaps a live recording would be cool to have. Had To (Leave) sounds awesome on Live Consternation.
Honestly the only album that I feel would benefit greatly from a re-mix is Viva Emptiness. That album for me has always been a sore spot in the Katatonia discography. It has some great songs on it but I just *hate* the mix. The snare drum sounds awful and echoey, the guitars are noisy...everything just sounds messy on that album. That's probably why The Great Cold Distance took me by such a surprise, because that album has the PERFECT production. Luckily Night is the New Day sounds just as good, if not even better. If Viva Emptiness can be remixed to sound like those two albums would be a major improvement. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it happens one day!
Back when I was first trying out Katatonia I would redo all the albums before TGCD(since that's where I started), but now I don't think any of them need to be touched. They're perfect enough for me as they are.
The production on Jonas's vocals is horrible to me on Tonight's Decision. Listening to songs from that album on Consternation Live is what makes me like those song. The album starts good with For my Demons, but I find this album their weakest, and I'm baffled how the production on Disgouraged One's sound so much better and much closer to LFDGD to me

EDIT: So I see where KirkFJell is going with this, but I also think that (and obviously Blakkheim didn't mention this when he posted) it'd probablly cost too much money to re-record an album. If it were remastered like "Rain Without End" then i'd probablly like the album a lot more than I do.
Wow, talk about having your opinion NOT shared = )

Interesting to see your thoughts on why the album should be kept the way it is. I guess my point of view is the same as Heliotropic Rose, I just think Had to (Leave) from Live Consternation sounds so much better because of Jonas improved vocals, I can't stop thinking of how much more I would probably enjoy the material from TD if all the tracks had a better vocal performance/production.

Maybe an option would be to re-mix the album and just replace the vocal tracks? Kinda like Porcupine Tree did with Up the Downstair (but in that case it was the programmed drums that were replaced with real drums).
Personally I think the sound on Viva Emptiness is really great, especially the drums sounds nice.
TD remixed would be nice to hear actually. But first do Discouraged Ones, that snare reverb always was distracting to me.
there's one thing about VE that could be improved a lot: the drum sound
compare the drum sound of VE with TGCD or NISTND and you get the point.

about LFDGD: it's perfect, anders! :headbang:
No need to re-record any albums. They are what they are, for better or worse. It's like asking ex-girlfriend's to get plastic surgery later on so you feel better about having been with them.

And thank you Anders, Last Fair Deal Gone Down is perfect and my favourite album, as I think I've mentioned about fifty times before. Thank you.
The cold, repetitive simpleness combined with the fragile, almost unconfident singing is what makes TD Katatonias greatest release, and one of the greatest album ever made according to me.
Honestly, i think the advanced drumming and great production of VE and later has made the music less interesting.
I wouldn't do anything differently with the drum work on TD. It's not nearly as standout or interesting as the drum work on VE, but it works best for the situation so there's no need to compare the two. To me it's the sound engineer's job to make everything as high fidelity as possible. Low quality production that starts to mask what's really going on is a huge problem. That being said, I don't see the production on TD really being an issue. The music is simple, and so the production works. Looking back I'd leave that album alone.

VE sounds very good, but being that it's heavily layered I'm sure there are a few dynamics that could be brought out a bit more. As I see it there's only one huge improvement to be made, which is the distortion. There's parts when it fizzes out, and masks the characteristics of the sound. That's definitely an issue no matter how you try to slice it. If they retracked some of the distorted guitars with a more defined gain channel it would do wonders for the record.