What if Jonas re-recorded the vocals Discouraged Ones?

KittyKatatonia said:
But honestly, my biggest request for the band is to re-release a remixed version of Viva Emptiness. That album has amazing songs that are held way back by a really bad mix with muddy guitars, and a crappy drum sound.

Really? Although I think tgcd and nitnd have far superior mixes than VE, I see nothing wrong with the mix on that album, I think it's better than all their previous recordings. I don't find the guitars muddy nor the drums crappy, although I agree Jens (Bogren, producer/mixer) really surpassed himself and pretty much everyone else with TGCD and Opeth's Ghost Reveries, I think VE was a very good mix nonetheless.
The drums always sounded kinda weak to me, especially when compared to the head-smashing snare sound of LFDGD.
One of the strengths of the album; the tone of the album is fairly monotonous yet combined with some lively rhythms. The snare is awesome; TGCD has some of those moments but more nuanced, subtle use of the snare.