Re-record Tonight's Decision

I don't see the need to change/'improve' Tonight's Decision..

And I totally agree with Anders on VE, if there's one Kata-album that needs a remix, it's VE. It's my least favourite Kata-album and it's the mix/production that's almost entirely to blame for that, cause the material is not bad at all.
I don't understand why the production/mix on Viva Emptiness doesn't like to many....I think (and it's just my humble opinion) the sound of VE is perfect for the mood of "urban void" that the album would doesn't seem like anything we heard on TGCD or LFDGD (neither NITND), and it's perfect as it is, voice, guitars, bass, drums...everything...
I really wouldn't see the point in doing anything to VE or TD. I think they are what they are for better or for worse.

To me VE has always been a favourite and I wouldn't touch it in anyway. I honestly don't have any idea what people are saying about it's production or whatever. It's perfect for the albums overall mood, it friggin' creates that mood !

I hate bands that redo older albums. Unless there's actual reason behind it. And remix albums... Sigh. Please, no.

It took me a really long time to appreciate TD but now I couldn't listen to it if it was produced in any other way, so no to that too.
Besides Viva Emptiness needing a remix, the two B-sides on the "Tonight's Music" single/EP definitely need a remixing too. They're both great songs but the production is really flat, especially if you listen to them right after the Last Fair Deal Gone Down album.